Wine cork trivet

After seeing this very fabulous tutorial at Craftynest I had to give it a try. We happen to have an abundance of wine corks, and so far I had been only using them for decor purposes. Like in a vase or something. BUt this made total sense. Cutting a cork it in half, was not very easy, and of course I could not cut them all in equal length. Also this was my first time with a hot glue gun, and I had so much fun using it.,it gets addicting.

This is how it looks on the other side. I absolutely luuv the color variations in these.

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Gloria said...

Hi Dida. I love the color variations as well. It almost looks like wood and I love wood. Dida, stop by my blog, you won a print and don't forget to email me your address. I don't have it anymore. Take care and congrats. Have a great weekend.