Living my dreame

Yupp that's what I am doing...
For as long as I can remember... I wanted to take a drawing class. A proper art school drawing class...and I am finally getting to do it.
Its crazy ...amazing ...and fantastic.
I say crazy b'coz...I work full time ...then this class...and then I have loads and loads of home work to do....not to mention house/cleaning/cooking/laundry etc.
I luv rushing to the class after so many years of education I had forgotten that feeling. I also like having homework tension, and trying to delay it till last moment and then pulling an almost all niter just to finish my work, and for a change the work I am doing...I am absolutely loving it. I sit in the studio/class room (which by the way is open till mid night...) for hours and hours and just don;t realize it. Time just flies. This is indeed a dream come true for me. My art teacher is fabulous,and the students in the class are really enthusiastic.
I really look forward to this journey and hope to enjoy it to the fullest.


Ann said...

Good for you! It sounds like you are really enjoying it so far.

Gloria said...

That's great Dida. I'm happy for you. I miss classes too. Last year I got my AA in English and was happy to finally have achieved that. Now I want to take other classes. I'm thinking on it. Enjoy yourself and learn your ART and before long you'll be selling your art on Etsy. :) Take care and congrats!