The Incredible Drama

The weekend was very very stressful.
Our beloved cell phone HTC let me rephrase, my husband's beloved cell phone HTC Incredible got a wash in washer...!! (Mine is safe with me)
You see, I had a HEAP of laundry, the HEAP has been accumulating since more than three weeks (that's right, I have a more than three weeks supply of you-know-what!) and I was kind of over whelmed. So I was picking clothes left-right and center and just dumping them in washer, and I am not the one who separates whites, delicates, work clothes or Check Pockets..!!!
The drama started when Enn asked me abut his so n so pair of shorts which had cell-phone in the pocket.And I immediately recalled stuffing them in the washer what followed was me screaming, crying, apologizing, poor Enn did not really got a chance to express his emotions.
Google came in handy, and apparently there are a lot of people out there who wash their phones. So this is what I learned/ we did:

  • When phone gets a water wash, DO NOT SWITCH IT ON & Immediately removed the battery,Sim , memory card. 
  • A good tool to completely open phone is that tiny screw driver used to tight eye-glasses.Only open parts that you can put back together(You don't want to solve a circuit jigsaw puzzle.
  • Since we had completely opened it, we kept it under a lamp for around 12-15 hours. Its also suggested to put it in a bag of rice, but we were afraid that it might get inside the phone.
  • After 12-15 of hrs lamp treatment, I wrapped it in kitchen towel and put it in a bag of rice for another 12-15 hrs.
After all this moisture sucking treatments, the screen looked clear,and we were ready to turn it on. I was shaking and nervous. But Enn assembled it and turned on the power button, and the baby said in a lovely-robotic-mechanical voice "Droid..."...OoOohhh it was soooo exciting. I felt a rush a relief.

So far the phone is working alright, but I will not be too excited about it. I am sure there will be some impact on its performance, let's see.
Did I mention the most important lesson - to check pockets before u wash clothes.


Ann said...

I'm horrible about checking pockets before I throw things in the washer. Luckily I never keep my cell phone in my pocket. I do however wash a lot of other

Gloria said...

Oh boy, lesson learned. I have done that once or twice or maybe even more. I find change, tee hee and I keep it. lol. I'm glad you got it working. I never heard of that "Droid." Be careful and be sure it is dry, you don't want to get shocked. How funny. Hope your class is going good. Take care and have a great rest of the week.

rituja said...

I am not really surprised with you not checking the pockets....that's aali in her true would ve however, shocked me had u actually cared to check the pockets and all....u and ur shortcuts.....i just cant even think of separating the two :-)