Kusudama Flowers...

I found this amazing tutorial at Folding Trees, and what pretty flowers...!!!
Also I thought this was an amazing way to recycle old magazine pages.
Though the one I used had relatively thick pages.

Another good idea while making these is to use paper clips...to hold the petal together when its joined with the glue and then, to hold the whole flower together, when those five petals are glued together.
Once the glue dries, the paper clips can be removed.

After a point it gets very addictive...!!

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glorv1 said...

Wow, those are really beautiful Dida. You've done a great job. That's one thing I haven't done and I probably couldn't because of my fingers.They would get stiff. I congratulate you on the beauty of these. It's hard to believe that they are recycled newspaper.The petals are perfect. I love the name "Kusudama."