Tea Time

In my clay class, there was a project for making tea pot. Well I thought, if I have to throw it, throwing, three separate pieces which fit together... umm quite frankly is out of my reach.
So as my Instructor says... I opted for the respectable way of ceramic making - Handbuliding.!
Basically I just rolled out a slab of clay and molded it into the desired shape.
To join these pieces together, a mixture of vinegar and water is used. It acts like glue with clay.
It has a lot of technical faults...for instance, it does not pours neatly. Also the size is very very small. So basically its not really useful but I think its pretty to look at.
Also while glazing it, I tried to bring in the striped effect which of course was suggested by my instructor R.

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glorv1 said...

That's actually very whimsical and I love it Dida. It looks old fashioned and it also looks like it can be used. I think it's great work and you're doing good in the class. It reminds me of those old black stoves and a teapot sitting on the range. Thanks for sharing.