Living Oprah..! ?

I came across this blog, yesterday when I was scanning television channels...and I guess the channel was CNBC.
The blog is :
According to the writer :
"I am performing an experiment: for one year, I will live as Oprah advises on her television show, on her website and in the pages of her magazines. The tagline to her website is "Live Your Best Life" and I wonder, will I truly find bliss if I commit wholeheartedly to her lifestyle suggestions? Additionally, I'll be charting the cost of living as Oprah prescribes. Will the costs - financial, time spent, energy expended - be worth the result?"

Hmm quite an experiment! ....I have been trying to read it for a while now. Frankly I don't really have a opinion about this.

All I can say is once again... Hail to the creators of blogging world....


glorv1 said...

I actually don't follow Oprah. Very rarely do I watch her shows, etc. I like her, I just don't spend time reading about her or watching her shows. She's got to much money, wish she'd send some my way. Hee/Haw! lol
I checked out that link and started to read some of it. Apparently she the blogger has finished a book, how great. Any hooo, I'll talk to you later Dida. Have a great week and enjoy tomorrow as it is a new month. Take care.

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Dida! I only watch Oprah occasionally, like when there's something about medical procedures, maybe.

About the borax, I found everything in the same aisle of my supemarket. It was where the detergents, clorox, etc. are located.

glorv1 said...

Hi Dida, just stopped by to wish you a Happy September. Enjoy.