Seasons....& Concerns

This is another painting on canvas I did a while back...
I was inspired from a image from I-stock
I thought it was a beautiful idea...summing up the whole year from the perspective of a tree.

But slowly the picture might change...courtesy - Global Warming.
This is not me talking, this is what I have picked up from watching Discovery and National Geographic. My ideas here are very limited and are influenced by the shows I have viewed on these channels about pollution, rise in temperature, deforestation.

I have a very "end user" perspective about this, but still I will voice it.

Lately I suffer from this fear that we are all heading to our our last day...(which we are any way...but I am talking from a human species point of view..)

Every day when I am taking my shower, I feel...its a luxury and any minute now, the water with stop coming (I somehow manage my 20 min+ hot shower).

Any plastic bottle I see...I am worried, weather it will make to a recycling place...or a landfill. Its will remain FOREVER in the landfill. I immediately flip it and see does it has the little recycling triangle on it or not.

Recently (last week) I went around in my area, and found out about the Recycling center where I can go and recycle glass,plastic,metal. So I am taking my initial steps!

All this has caused a chaos in my mind and literally leaves me clueless...
I am trying itty-bitty right steps, but my mind is not at peace...

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glorv1 said...

Rest your young mind Dida. Everything is okay. You are doing the right thing by "recycling," thats for sure. I cut my showers down to 15 minutes, sometimes I do stay longer but it is a lot of water going down the drain. I love the tree that tells us of the changing seasons. The way I see it, live each day as if it's your last. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself, "I'm alive" and I can't wait to get up and do things.
Don't worry, you have a long life ahead of you. Enjoy and keep up the beautiful work that you do.